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Consorci El Far (El Far Consortium) is a public entity formed by the City Council of Barcelona, the Government of Catalonia, the County Council of Barcelona and the Port Authority of Barcelona. The object of the entity is to promote and develop sea and coastal related values.

Since its founding, the Consorci El Far mission statement has been as follows:

  • Promotion and diffusion of the social, economic, environmental and cultural values of the sea and coast, within a sustainable framework.
  • Vocational training in maritime professions.
  • Promotion of the nautical sector.

El Far Consortium activities cover different fields of work and services to generate projects and encourage networking with other institutions and entities. Thus, Consorci El Far supports its member institution policies, providing a benchmark within its mission scope: the sea and coast. .

Consorci EL FAR

C. Escar 6-8, 08039 Barcelona
Tel. 93 221 74 57    Fax: 93 221 41 50